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Geistlich Derma-Gide®

Designed to support wound healing

For which wounds can it be used?

Geistlich Derma-Gide® is intended to be used for the management of wounds including:

Illustration of the ­Healed Wound

Your health care provider may perform basic ­allergy testing to ­ensure that you have no allergic ­reaction to the material. Allergic ­reactions to porcine material are a very rare occurrence.

Joe's story
Since 2014, Joe has been living with a reoccurring diabetic foot ulcer. Reoccurrence of his wound and longer healing periods created a feeling of depression for Joe and limited him from perfoming and enjoying his normal daily activities. Understanding why diabetic foot ulcers occur is important and Joe is grateful for the education provided by his health care provider so that he can work cooperatively to optimize his healing changes.
"I am very pleased that my diabetic foot ulcer healed so quickly once it was treated with Geistlich ­Derma-Gide®. I am grateful to companies such as Geistlich Medical, who provide solutions for healing my wound and who help patients like me to regain my quality of life."

*Not all wounds will heal, even with an advanced wound matrix such as Geistlich ­Derma-Gide®. Please work closely with your health care provider to optimize the chance of wound healing.

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