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advanCE Educational Series


Providing Customized Education for your Organization

As the leader in regenerative dentistry, Geistlich is dedicated to continuing education and partnering with you to advance your clinical success.

Our course series will cover key therapeutic areas in regenerative dentistry and is designed to provide an interactive and didactic experience to assist in advancing clinicians understandings of diagnosis and treatment planning.

DOCUMENTED: More than 1,000 publications
RELIABLE: More than 25 years of clinical experience
EXPERIENCED: 163 years of Geistlich collagen competence

Course Information

Continuing Education in Regenerative Dentistry

Customizable Content: Geistlich Biomaterials will work with you or your organization in the design of content at an appropriate level that meets your needs.

A sample of one of our courses is below:

Therapeutic Area
Extraction Socket Management

“Setting the Stage for Optimal Ridge Preservation:
Logical management of post-extraction ridge resorption”

Learning Objectives:

Irina F. Dragan, DDS, DMD, MS

Senior Clinical Science Manager