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Committed to regenerative medicine

Geistlich specializes in the regeneration of bone, cartilage and tissue. Geistlich’s regenerative medical devices aim to improve patients’ quality of life.

More than 800 employees worldwide work for Geistlich in the field of regenerative medicine. With its thirteen affiliates and 60 distribution partners, Geistlich’s medical devices and medicinal products reach around 90 markets worldwide. The twelve affiliates cover the UK, Germany, Italy, France, China, Brazil, South Korea, North America, Australia, New Zealand, India and Japan. In November 2021, Geistlich has expanded its existing offering with products of Meta Technologies S.r.l.

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Two business units under one Swiss roof

Geistlich is divided into two business areas:

The Swiss company, which has its headquarters in Wolhusen, Central Switzerland, plus one other Swiss site, strives for Swiss Quality. All research and development as well as production take place at its headquarters in Wolhusen. The new build extension which opened in 2019 in Wolhusen reinforces the philosophic approach “Everything under one roof” and is further affirmation of the site. Bone and collagen have been manufactured here continuously since 1899.

«Our mission revolves around five core values – at the center of our culture is trust.»
Dr. Andreas Geistlich, President of the Board of Directors

Vision & Philosophy


Geistlich stands for the values of “Driving Regeneration”, “Scientific”, “Family”, “Connecting Minds & Hands” and “Pioneering Spirit” and embodies these in its day-to-day work.

Geistlich’s passion for regeneration allows it to develop pioneering medical devices for restoring bone, cartilage and soft tissue. The company’s regenerative approach is the counterpart to repair – replacing tissue defects with, for example, artificial joints.

Ralf P. Halbach (CEO)
"The focus of our activities is and continues to be the patients for whom we are developing solutions."
Ralf P. Halbach, CEO

Scientific and well-founded

Geistlich uses a substantial part of its budget for its own research and development. The entire value-added chain is under Geistlich’s control at its site in Central Switzerland. The company places the greatest value on high quality products with scientifically proven safety and efficacy. Geistlich biomaterials are documented in about 1,400 scientific publications that demonstrate their efficacy. Numerous internal and external audits ensure the high quality standards.   

Geistlich’s vision

Geistlich’s goal is to continue strengthening its market leadership in regenerative dentistry and further develop its product portfolio in the area of regenerative technologies. To achieve this, the company is planning new regenerative products as well as new application areas and techniques for its established products. The vision that drives us is «The Regeneration Company.»