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An allograft that sets the pace for regeneration

As a leader in oral regeneration, Geistlich understands that in certain clinical situations, rapid turnover of bone is important. With our comprehensive allograft portfolio, vallos® provides you the optimal allograft scaffold to meet a variety of regenerative needs.

About vallos®:

The optimal allograft scaffold

vallos® allografts are natural bone graft substitutes, which due to the preservation of inherent biological properties, provides the optimal characteristics and scientific properties required for bone formation.1 With our comprehensive allograft portfolio, you can be assured of the versatility required to meet your regenerative needs.

  • Cell-friendly structure: The natural porous structures of vallos® allografts encourage cellular attachment and infiltration into the scaffold.1
  • Osteoconductive: The porous interconnected scaffold provides an ideal surface for osteoblasts to attach and proliferate. The large trabecular surface area in cancellous bone encourages revascularization and incorporation into the graft.2
  • Osteoinductive: Anatomical levels of growth factors present in demineralized bone are essential to healthy bone formation.3 Aseptic processing retains the endogenous growth factors present in the bone. Growth factors present in MTF demineralized bone are characterized as BMPs, FGFs, and angiogenic growth factors1 and are known to be beneficial to bone formation.3

A Trusted Partner

Geistlich is excited to introduce our partner MTF Biologics®, a non-profit service organization dedicated to providing clinically sound, safe allograft tissue. Standards for safety and quality are set by a Medical Board of Trustees to ensure the same processes for donor recovery and processing – delivering you a consistent graft.

To keep pace with treatment innovation, vallos® is the first in a line of products coming to our Geistlich Select family.
Extensive research and collaboration have created a partnership to bring you select allograft materials designed for clinical versatility and success. vallos™ and vallos™f offer clinicians more options to enhance their ability to manage a variety of clinical situations.

CAUTION: Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a dentist or physician.

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