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Geistlich Nexo-Gide®

Dual Surface Membrane

Physician Focused Handling and Ease of Use

Geistlich Nexo-Gide® is an off the shelf product that can be easily sutured, trimmed using standard surgical instruments, and naturally conforms to the soft tissue once hydrated.

Geistlich Nexo-Gide® is very low profile and prevents overstuffing

Surgical technique for achilles wrapping

Removal & Orientation
Remove Geistlich Nexo-Gide® and if needed, use a sterile pen to lightly mark the smooth, upper surface marked “UP” that will face the surrounding tissues. The “UP” sign might not be visible once the membrane has been trimmed and hydrated.
Hydrate the Geistlich Nexo-Gide® using sterile saline solution for at least 1–2 minutes. An increase in membrane size of around 10–15% is to be expected when hydrated. If hydrated in advance, the product should be covered with sterile gauze until it is implanted.
Size & Trim
Following tenolysis or primary repair of the tendon, determine the appropriate size, wrap the membrane in a single layer around the affected region and trim away excessive material to minimize membrane overlap. Geistlich Nexo-Gide® should be cut to a size that extends the entire length of the incision or damaged area in the tendon sheath.
Size & Trim (optional)
In order to properly cover a small repair site, where it may be required to trim the membrane to size, the Aluminum Template can be used to determine the length of the suture line on the tendon. The Geistlich Nexo-Gide® or tendon tissue should not contact the printed side of the aluminum template.
Apply the Geistlich Nexo-Gide® with the smooth, upper surface marked with the word “UP” facing surrounding tissues ensuring that the porous layer is facing the site of the tendon repair.
The membrane may be secured to the tendon with absorbable suture using a non-cutting needle and a low-tension suture technique. The membrane can also be sutured to itself if suturing to the tendon tissue is not applicable. Use the minimum number of sutures/stitches required to avoid irritation of the adjacent tissues.
Rotate (if needed)
Geistlich Nexo-Gide® may be rotated such that suture line is away from the injured soft tissue (i.e. the skin suture line).
Thoroughly irrigate the surgical site and closure of surgical wound can be completed as usual (no specific additional steps are required).


Geistlich Nexo-Gide® should be used only by surgeons who are familiar with tendon repair techniques.

For more information on contraindications, precautions, and directions for use, please refer to the complete Instructions for Use.

CAUTION: This product is only available in the U.S.A. Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Geistlich Nexo-Gide® - Dual-Surface Membrane
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