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Geistlich Nexo-Gide®

Dual Surface Membrane

Product Range

Geistlich Nexo-Gide®is available in three sizes. A sterile aluminum template is included.  Where it may be required to trim the membrane to size, the aluminum template can be used to determine the length of the suture line on the tendon.

Product Size Quantity Re-Order Number 20mm x 30mm 1 unit/box 500662 30mm x 40mm 1 unit/box 500663 40mm x 50mm 1 unit/box 500664

For more information or to order Geistlich Nexo-Gide® please call 877-485-2968.

CAUTION: This product is only available in the U.S.A. Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Geistlich Nexo-Gide® - Dual Surface Membrane
IFU - Geistlich Nexo-Gide® Collagen Membrane