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Welcome to the Jubilee year!

20 years of Geistlich Bio-Gide®, 30 years of Geistlich Bio-Oss®, 1000 studies – 2016 is a very special jubilee year for Geistlich Pharma. That’s why the company invites all users to share their experience with Geistlich biomaterials.
January 07, 2016

The triumphal procession of the xenogeneic biomaterials started with a letter and a telephone call between the American researcher Prof. Philip J. Boyne and Dr. Peter Geistlich. The two conceived the plan of processing bovine bone in a way that allows its use as a bone substitute material for medical and dental purposes.

Sharing experience and success: <link http: www.geistlich-jubilee.com external-link-new-window external link in new>www.geistlich-jubilee.com

This year, Geistlich Pharma celebrates 30 years of Geistlich Bio-Oss® and 20 years of Geistlich Bio-Gide® - and continues in the same spirit: Great achievements are not attained in isolation, but through collaboration and sharing knowledge. That's why "sharing" is a very important concept throughout the jubilee year.

Under the slogan "Sharing Success", all users are called upon to share their success and experience with Geistlich biomaterials on the website <link http: www.geistlich-jubilee.com external-link-new-window external link in new>www.geistlich-jubilee.com. In so doing, together with its huge scientific and clinical network, Geistlich Pharma strives to further shape the future of regenerative dentistry and drive the discipline forward over the years to come.

Among all those who upload their clinical cases, statements and publications on <link http: www.geistlich-jubilee.com external-link-new-window external link in new>www.geistlich-jubilee.com, nine iPads will be raffled at the end of the year, each installed with the patient information package on regenerative dentistry provided by Geistlich.