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The new GEISTLICH NEWS is out!

The current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS places the spotlight on the topic of anterior area and aesthetics.
October 09, 2018

How to regenerate large bone deficiencies, treat soft tissue recessions and place implants in the most visible part of the mouth have become popular topics among all disciplines in dentistry. But, is it just a matter of esthetics? What do we know about new and more accurate measures of soft tissue changes? What devices are nowadays available to treat soft and hard tissue defects in the anterior area? Can a biomaterial’s underlying biology have an impact on the long-term outcome?

These and many other questions are answered directly by experts Dr. Martina Stefanini and Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli, Italy, Prof. Thiago Morelli, USA, Prof. Lin Ye and Dr. Jiang Xi, China, Prof. Dieter Bosshardt, Switzerland, Dr. Philippe Khayat and Dr. Marin Pomperski, France and Dr. Shakeel Shadad, UK, - on the basis of available literature and their clinical experience.

Furthermore, there is a current bibliography on stem cells in regenerative dentistry by Prof. André Antonio Pelegrine and Dr. Antonio Carlos Aloise, Brazil, and exciting news from the Geistlich and Osteology Foundation "background" area.

Don't forget, either, to become better acquainted with Prof. Anton Sculean, who has shared with us his thoughts and experience in the final page interview.

The current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS is available here.

Wishing you pleasant reading!

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