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On the market

The EAO – the annual congress of the European Association for Osseointegration – is important for the industry. With around 3,000 participants, it is also well visited in Rome and receives a lot of recognition. Geistlich Pharma has a strong presence at the event.
October 30, 2014

At the industry exhibition, Geistlich showcased itself with a veritable eyecatcher, a gallows-like construction. In it, a Geistlich Bio-Gide® just under 10 mm2 in size carried the weight of the good 250 publications that have been published about the product since it was launched. The visitors were thus able to convince themselves of the tensile strength of the collagen membrane and its stable scientific base. Geistlich also invited congress visitors to its own symposium. And visitors came in their droves. With around 670 participants, this event was apparently well received and rated as attractive, which is down to, among others, the luminaries Prof. Jan Lindhe and Dr. Dietmar Weng. Last but not least, Geistlich organised two practical hands-on workshops on site. In addition to Dr. Dietmar Weng, it was also Dr. Merli who demonstrated his work technique and taught it to the workshop participants. The intensive and much-lauded programme was staged with around 20 dentists attending each workshop. Unsurprisingly, most congress visitors came from Italy; Japan and France occupied the other two places under the "top three" countries of origin.