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New issue of Geistlich News out now!

Outstanding experts, once again, shed light on the key topics in regenerative dentistry. A few highlights from the current issue of Geistlich News.
May 09, 2016

Bone augmentations this time take centre stage. While Daniel Buser presents a long-term follow-up to a lateral augmentation case, Matteo Chiapasco illustrates ideal combinations of autogenous bone and bone substitutes for various augmentation procedures, Christer Dahlin looks into the future of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), Reinhard Gruber provides fresh insight into the role of blood vessels for GBR and Jan Lindhe has a retrospective on the early days of regenerative dentistry.Last but not least, Michael McGuire emphasises the importance of Patient-Reported Outcomes for regenerative dentistry.

In addition, Paul Buxton, cell research group leader at Geistlich Pharma, explains how cells can help to evaluate a biomaterial and how a sound understanding of the cellular events during bone and soft-tissue regeneration can lead to new product developments.

Furthermore, the Osteology Foundation presents its new online communication platform THE BOX following its launch at the International Osteology Symposium in Monaco.