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Inside Geistlich

An idea is just the starting point. So how is it developed into a finished product? Experience the entire process from A to Z at Geistlich Pharma. In a new film, Chief Science Officer Terance Hart takes the audience behind the scenes of the company.
February 16, 2014

The legendary partnership between Peter Geistlich and Philip Boyne led to the development of the bone substitute material Geistlich Bio-Oss® – a step that revolutionised oral regeneration. But Geistlich Pharma wasn’t built on a single pioneering product.

Innovation is part of Geistlich’s daily operations. Great passion and a long chain of precise work lie behind the smallest product. Chief Science Officer Terance Hart shows this in a virtual tour through all the production processes and quality control. <link file:2344 download>Join him and discover what lies behind the well-known products.