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GEISTLICH NEWS: The new issue is out!

Soft-tissue management is the focus of the current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS. Once again outstanding experts shed light on this key topic in regenerative dentistry.
October 09, 2017

Recession coverage, gain of keratinized tissue and augmentation of soft-tissue volume are the main protagonists of this issue, and a clinical update from gold standards and new alternatives is provided.

While Dr. Daniel Thoma, Switzerland, provides fresh insight into the new volume stable soft-tissue matrix Geistlich Fibro-Gide® for enabling soft-tissue augmentation without using grafts from the palate, Dr. Christian Schmitt, Germany, presents a 5 years’ follow-up study on Geistlich Mucograft® for performing a vestibuloplasty, Ass. Prof. Ignacio Sanz Martin and Prof. Mariano Sanz, Spain, explain how to create sufficient volume and keratinized tissue around dental implants, Dr. Yoon Euy Hong, South Korea, illustrates a less invasive technique for a successful recession coverage and Dr. Luca De Stavola, Italy, discusses how proper flap and suture techniques are key to success during major bone augmentations.

In addition, our outside the box provides a look to the future illustrating new hopes coming from 3D-printed living tissues. The background section gives you details about the new publication from the Osteology Foundation and new innovative products, which are going to enhance the Geistlich portfolio.

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