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Geistlich News – the first 2018 edition is here!

Our experts discuss “minimally invasive approaches” – tailored to regenerative therapies. A few highlights from the current issue of Geistlich News.
May 09, 2018

Minimally invasive techniques. What are these? A team of first-rate authors explain how to understand and apply the concept of “minimally invasive” in regenerative dentistry.

While Daniele Cardaropoli explains which parameters need to be considered in order to maintain the original bone volume after tooth extraction, Sofia Aroca presents a less invasive tunneling technique for multiple recession defects, Rogerio Belle de Oliveira illustrates how to avoid failures when dealing with cancer patients, and Amit Patel provides a comprehensive overview about periodontal regeneration – where we started and where we are going. Last but not least, Alexander Volkmann shares his techniques for treating significant ridge deficiencies using a 3D printed solution.

Continuing to browse, George Mandelaris and Jim Janakievski present an unconventional Journal Club “Surgically assisted orthodontics”, Irena Sailer, Head of Geneva’s Division of Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, together with Birgit Schäfer, Geistlich’s Executive Scientific Manager, explain how to build up a successful collaboration between university and company, and Alberto Sicilia introduces his personal side in Madrid.

Furthermore, the Osteology Foundation presents its upcoming education events and the outcomes of its second Consensus Meeting on peri-implant tissues. Eventually, if your thirst for knowledge goes beyond the boundaries of regenerative dentistry, you should not miss the outside-the-box article about gene therapy for the eyes!

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