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Europerio 2018: Join the Geistlich Corporate Session on soft-tissue regeneration

Once again two excellent speakers will make the Geistlich Corporate Session at the Europerio 2018 an indispensable event. PD Dr. Daniel Thoma and Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli will be sharing their experiences with the new volume-stable collagen matrix Geistlich Fibro-Gide®; at 12.30 pm on Thursday, 21 June. The new device has delivered convincing results in both soft-tissue volume augmentation and recession coverage.
April 26, 2018

The patient's own connective tissue removed from the palate is the gold standard for soft-tissue augmentation and recession coverage. However, since harvesting the graft causes pain and can be accompanied by anesthesia and paresthesia, infection of the donor site, pain, numbness and swelling, a worthy alternative has been sought for a long time.

PD Dr. Daniel Thoma and Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli will present the volume-stable collagen matrix Geistlich Fibro-Gide®, launched in 2017, at the Geistlich Corporate Session and explain its application in soft-tissue volume augmentation and recession coverage. Clinical tips are included as well as an overview of the existing evidence for the new product.


The following two presentations are involved:

Shifting paradigm – soft-tissue volume augmentation using Geistlich Fibro-Gide®
PD Dr. Daniel Thoma, Zurich

Treatment of single gingival recession with coronally advanced flap and a new collagen matrix
Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli, Bologna


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the latest breakthrough in soft-tissue regeneration. We look forward to having you there

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