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BioBrief: The indication sheet 2.0

Geistlich Biomaterials has been publishing clinical treatment concepts for more than ten years – explained and commented on by surgeons themselves. Geistlich Indication Sheets are standard literature in dental practices worldwide.
January 31, 2019

The paper format of these indication sheets is now also newly improved with additional features that are digitally available and bear the name “BioBrief”. A redesigned and more comprehensive flyer, a short webinar, and an online library provide added value.

The flyer

A four-page flyer presents with a new look and fresh style covering the whole case documentation and further details about the initial situation, risk profile, approach, outcome as well as keys to success.

The Webinar

A short webinar deals with the case described in the flyer. This includes a short surgical video as well as additional information about the case from the surgeons themselves.   

The Online Library

An online library includes other case studies and literature supplementing those in the flyer. A tile system, search function, and language selection will allow you to easily navigate through the content and to share or like it from various social media platforms.

Do you like the indication sheets? Then you can't do without the BioBrief. Please visit: <link http: www.bio-brief.com>www.bio-brief.com and check the first BioBrief.

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