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Innovation Award 2021: Geistlich receives the recognition award

In the festive setting of the event organised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Central Switzerland (ihz), Geistlich CEO Ralf P. Halbach and his team accept the Innovation Recognition Award for Geistlich Derma-Gide®.
November 26, 2021

In the service of diabetes patients, Geistlich has developed this award-winning novel wound matrix in several years of work and as an interdisciplinary team effort. The joy in in-house research & development is particularly great. Niklaus Stiefel, Principal Scientist: "We are committed to medical regeneration. We search for and find new, innovative treatment concepts with great passion".

Many minds are behind the product Made in Central Switzerland

Geistlich's renewed innovation prize win has many mothers and fathers: the research & development concentrated in Wolhusen counts on experts from a wide range of backgrounds and forms an international team. Years of development work were followed by the search for suitable market partners and distribution channels for the US market. Nikolas Epp, Senior Executive Manager Wound Care, represents the product management team: "After obtaining market approval and confirming clinical performance as well as successful listing with American health insurers, we are eager for further success in the market. The important thing for us is and remains that we are completely focused on innovation in every respect."

After the innovation is before the innovation

Geistlich Derma-Gide® addresses a typical condition of the approximately 425 million people worldwide with diabetes: chronic wounds in the foot and lower leg area are a particularly dreaded late consequence. Around a third of all diabetes patients develop foot ulcers in the course of their lives, one in three of which do not heal with conventional standard therapies. When Geistlich CEO Ralf P. Halbach accepts the recognition award from Claudia Gasser, Regional Director and Head of Wealth Management Central Switzerland UBS Switzerland, he leaves no doubt about Geistlich's continued commitment in the face of pressing medical challenges: "This award is an incentive for us to continue our efforts. As a medical device company in regeneration, numerous challenges and opportunities still await us!"