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Guided Bone Regeneration: Insight into the world of cells

“Cell-to-Cell Communication: Guided Bone Regeneration” is a masterful animation movie from Quintessence Publishing Group. Geistlich Biomaterials supported the production and now offers an exclusive short version.
October 10, 2016

Invisible to the human eye, Guided Bone Regeneration takes place in the microcosm of the cells. What tasks are performed by osteoblasts, osteoclasts, pericytes, thrombocytes, fibroblasts and all the other cells? How do they communicate among themselves?

The new animation movie from the "Cell-to-Cell Communication" series by Quintessence Publishing shows the magnificently coordinated interaction of numerous players - clearly and vividly. Geistlich Biomaterials was instrumental in supporting the GBR movie and makes a complimentary short version exclusively available via <link https: www.youtube.com external-link-new-window youtube:>YouTube:

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