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“Geistlich News” – Technical knowledge from experts in regeneration

The next edition of “Geistlich News” will appear by the end of May. The Geistlich Pharma AG customer magazine will focus on large bone augmentation.
March 15, 2015

A number of famous dentists will discuss the therapy options for horizontal and vertical bone deficits. Six professional articles in all will explore the current status of methods and techniques. The “Journal Club” deals with the soft tissue around implants and asks: “Implants – do you need keratinised tissue?” Prof. Mariano Sanz will comment on selected studies on the topic. “Geistlich News” continues to look beyond its own nose and picks up exciting regeneration medicine topics that go beyond dentistry. The next magazine will deal with pioneering discoveries in spinal injuries. The “Background” section contains a whole range of topics: news about the Osteology Foundation as well as the latest news from various Geistlich Pharma AG divisions.