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Geistlich News: all new and different

A new Geistlich News is taking shape, featuring key topics, an array of guest contributions by esteemed experts and a revised layout. For our readers, this means more information – substantiated, practical and entertaining.
September 30, 2014

The new Geistlich News presents an exciting mixture of practice-oriented information, expert articles by scientists, background reports and entertaining facts. Thanks to the new concept, finding out about hot topics, innovations and trends in the field of regeneration has never been easier.

In focus: One indication as a key topic: well-known clinicians and renowned scientists present clear and practical information on current knowledge in various articles. Find out what you should know about peri-implantitis in the upcoming edition.

Journal club: An esteemed expert summarises milestone studies conducted on a specific topic. In this issue, Professor Niklaus P. Lang takes an in-depth look at immediate implant placement.

Outside the box: Adopting the theme ‘natural wonder regeneration’, each issue contains an entertaining article on regeneration outside the world of dentistry.

Background: Take a look behind the scenes and find out what’s going on at Geistlich and the Osteology Foundation.

Interview: A personal interview with a well-known clinician or scientist rounds off each edition of Geistlich News. Find out what motivates Stephen Chen in the upcoming issue.

The new GEISTLICH NEWS will be published soon. Happy reading!