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Geistlich Blog "The Regeneration Expert"

In the new blog www.regeneration-expert.com over 30 international experts share their knowledge, their therapy approaches and their tricks.
February 28, 2017

Do you know the key planning steps prior to an immediate implant placement? In what cases would you use a sandwich osteoplasty? By what criteria do you decide how to proceed after extracting a tooth?
The blog “The Regeneration Expert” takes you into the current topics, questions and controversies in regenerative medicine.

Expertise unlocked

The blog has incorporated all the Focus topics which have been covered in Geistlich News since 2014. For example, topics already included have been peri-implantitis, minor bone augmentation, major bone augmentation, planning & diagnostics linked to regenerative therapies, Ridge Preservation after tooth extraction and risks & complications.

A blog as a fund of knowledge

More than 40 items from internationally recognized experts are included. Using Search and Search Categories readers can find items of interest – or just browse the homepage to take inspiration from the pictures, headers or authors. You are of course free to comment upon, share and forward any of the items. So, just take a look: <link www.regeneration-expert.com - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">www.regeneration-expert.com</link>