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Balancing act between science and practice achieved three times in a row

Between 19 and 27 September, important congresses on regenerative dental medicine were held in the three metropolises of San Francisco, Shanghai and Rome. Geistlich managed the balancing act between three continents and between scientificity and practical relevance.
October 13, 2014

The first major presence for Geistlich Mucograft® in San Francisco
The kick-off event was the congress of the AAP, the American Academy of Periodontology from 19 until 22 September in San Francisco. At this event, the AAP was celebrating its 100-year anniversary with 3,500 participants from all over the world. Geistlich Biomaterials North America was a Diamond Sponsor with an attractive trade fair stand and provided the setting for four presentations with international luminaries. Daniele Cardaropoli, Istvan Urban, Frank Schwarz and Michael McGuire spoke about current topics in bone and soft tissue regeneration. The Geistlich events were fully booked. The congress gave Geistlich Pharma North America the opportunity for the first time to present the three-dimensional collagen matrix Geistlich Mucograft® to the general public and to ascertain that there is great interest in learning more about the product. This year's AAP congress by far exceeded the expectations of Geistlich North America.

Tear-proof Geistlich Bio-Gide®
From 25 until 27 September, the annual congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) was held in Rome and was very well attended, with 3,000 participants. Geistlich was represented with a symposium, two workshops and a striking trade fair stand. At the Geistlich Symposium, Jan Lindhe and Dietmar Weng spoke to the 670 or so participants about the treatment of the jaw bone after a tooth has been extracted. In the practical hands-on workshop, Dietmar Weng and Mauro Merli communicated their work techniques to the approximately 20 dentists. In the industrial exhibition, Geistlich showcased itself with a veritable eye-catcher, a gallows-like construction. In it, a Geistlich Bio-Gide® just under 10 mm2 in size carried the weight of the more than 250 publications that have been written about the product since it was launched. The visitors could thus convince themselves of the tensile strength of the collagen membrane and its stable scientific basis.

Impressive symposium in Shanghai
Parallel to the EAO, the national Osteology Symposium was held in Shanghai from 25 until 26 September. The Osteology Foundation established by Geistlich was organising a national congress in China for the second time, after 2012 in Xi'an. Geistlich Biomaterials was also represented this time as a sponsor with a trade fair stand. Two workshops each with 20 participants rounded off the Geistlich presence. Three international and six Chinese experts spoke to the 1,200 participants during the symposium. A special highlight at this event was the set-up of the congress: The speakers spoke from a podium in the middle to the participants around them. Six screens arranged in the arena ensured that the presentation slides could be easily seen from all perspectives. The second Osteology Symposium in China was also a resounding success.

Conclusion: The presentations by Geistlich Pharma over the last few weeks were well attended, the workshops fully booked and there was a lively throng at the trade fair stands too. Geistlich managed the balancing act between scientificity and practical relevance with aplomb three times in a row.