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A special year, and special thanks!

For Geistlich, it was 20+30=1000 for a year. The results.
December 23, 2016

With 2016, a very special year is drawing to a close for Geistlich Biomaterials. With 20 years of Geistlich Bio-Gide®, 30 years of Geistlich Bio-Oss® and 1000 studies on Geistlich’s biomaterials, three celebrations were scheduled, which the company and its partners celebrated across the world. The results:

  • A Geistlich Jubilee – Webinar World Tour with five live webinars from four continents.
  • The accolades of 15 outstanding studies of Geistlich biomaterials, in which 91 authors were involved
    Over 50 Jubilee events at conferences, courses and lectures across the world, from Busan, Korea to Sydney, Australia and Tel Aviv, Israel to Paris, France.
  • A Jubilee website, on which more than 2,000 dentists from across the world uploaded their cases, their greetings and their publications with Geistlich biomaterials, under the motto “Sharing Success”.
  • 15,000 Swiss francs donated for the Doctors of the World foundation (1,000 Swiss francs per honoured study)

Geistlich Biomaterials used this splendid event to thank all its clients for their great confidence and all the researchers for their initiatives in forming evidence in respect of our products. So, to paraphrase the Jubilee motto as the final greeting for 2016: 20+30= … 1000 thank yous!

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