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  • If “Mercy Ships” didn’t exist, someone would have to invent them! The eponymous international aid organization gives hope to patients who are unable to access medical services, particularly specialist surgery.

  • Geistlich Pharma takes part once again in “National Future Day”. The name says it all: a day organized throughout Switzerland to provide girls and boys with inspiration for their future careers.

  • The foundation stone is laid for the “888plus” extension building at the Geistlich Pharma AG headquarters in Wolhusen. With this investment in the tens of millions, Geistlich demonstrates its commitment to its Switzerland location.

  • National "Future Day" was a busy time at Geistlich Pharma again this year. Around twenty girls and boys accompanied their parents to work on 9 November. In keeping with the slogan of “changing sides”, the children learned about gender-atypical careers and work areas. The highlight of the day offered something for everyone: going to the cleanroom visitors’ area and getting dressed up in genuine cleanroom suits was a good way of relaxing and having fun.

  • Moving images from a company that has dedicated itself to regeneration in dental medicine, orthopedics and medicines. Geistlich Pharma, the global market leader for regenerative dental medicine, introduces itself in a new corporate film. In the film the family business humorously pokes fun at itself.

  • Geistlich Pharma AG’s results for 2016 were excellent. All the subsidiaries and regions reported positive growth, which contributed to a double-digit increase in turnover overall.

  • Geistlich Pharma is guest speaker at the TecDay organized by Willisau school. TecDays are an initiative of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW). Geistlich Pharma is supporting the SATW in promoting technical and natural science careers.

  • Geistlich Pharma has dedicated itself to regenerative medicine – for increased patient quality of life. This Swiss family business is remaining true to this aim with its 2016 annual charitable donation to Mercy Ships. Through hospital ships the aid organization with Swiss roots provides free medical aid to developing countries.

  • On 10 November 2016 Geistlich Pharma welcomed 20 girls and boys on the occasion of Switzerland’s National Future Day. The children aged between 10 and 13 were there to get an idea of the different kinds of work undertaken in this Swiss family business specializing in regenerative medicine.

  • Geistlich took part in the EAO Congress from September 29 to October 1, 2016 in Paris. With around 2,700 visitors, the annual congress of the European Association for Osseointegration was a very popular event. The visitor numbers were also high for Geistlich: The Satellite Symposium and Hands-on Workshops, with highly regarded expert speakers, attracted a lot of interest. A further highlight was the product launch of Geistlich Bio-Gide® Compressed.

Dr. Mirjam Kessler
Director Corporate Communications